Other ways to donate

If you would like to donate to Stress Free Schools NZ by direct transfer into our account please contact Lucy: lucy@sfs.org.nz or 021 345-116

Or, if you would like to donate via cheque, please make the cheque out to Stress Free Schools and post it to: 685 Mt Wellington Highway, Mt Wellington, Auckland 1062

Payroll Giving

Donate a small portion of your income directly from your payslip through Payroll Giving. Payroll Giving enables employees to donate money to non-profit organisations through their organisation’s payroll. Payroll Giving allows employees to receive immediate tax benefits from their donations each payday. The amount of the tax credit on payroll donation is 33.33 cents for each dollar. For example, a $30 monthly donation only takes about $20 out of your pay packet.

For more information please visit the IRD website or email lucy@sfs.org.nz.

Donate Your Tax Credit

Your tax credit is what you can claim back from donations you have made during a tax year. You get 1/3 of the total amount you donated back (for each donation over $5). You can donate your tax credit to Stress Free Schools NZ.

How can I give my tax credit to Stress Free Schools NZ?

  1. Download the IR526 form and print it
  2. Boxes 1 – 5 complete with your details, and fill in your name and address
  3. Box 6 shows Stress Free Schools NZ’s details so that you can donate your credit to Stress Free Schools NZ
  4. Box 7 & 8 leave blank
  5. Attach your donation receipts to the back of your form with a staple
  6. Send your completed form with receipts to:

    Inland Revenue
    PO Box 39090
    Wellington Mail Centre
    Lower Hutt 5045

Important things to note

  • You can use this form to donate your credit from any tax year. If you have tax receipts from before 2010 – 2011 you can donate these too!
  • If you would like a receipt for your tax credit donation to Stress Free Schools NZ (so you can claim a credit on this donation next year), please email us with your details
  • You will need to update your bank account details with Inland Revenue if you do not wish to donate future tax credits to Stress Free Schools NZ in future years
  • You cannot use the IR526 form for Payroll Giving donations as you have already received your tax credit! You receive an immediate tax credit every time a Payroll donation is made.

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