Videos about the TM Quiet Time programme

Students & Schools

  • NBC Today Show report on a Detroit school

    Report on an award-winning school, where students and teachers practice TM. A University of Michigan study shows improvements with test scores and a reduction in stress and anxiety in students
    (5 min)

  • TM in a California middle school

    This clip of a Californian public school has interviews with both staff and students, where they describe the personal benefits they gain from the TM programme
    (7 min)

  • Student's grades and well-being improve with TM

    “There was a statistically significant difference in grades from the previous year to the year the Quiet Time programme was fully enacted.”
    (5 min)

  • School has 50% drop in disruptive behaviour

    In Arizona these students who practice TM discuss feeling calmer and more creative after learning the technique, and staff comment on reductions in disruptive behaviour
    (7 min)

  • Weaver High School, Connecticut, introduces TM

    The Quiet Time programme is transforming the lives of students and teachers at this inner-city Connecticut high school
    (8 min)

  • Principal with 35 years experience: Dr Rutherford

    Ideal Academy Principal, George Rutherford, talks about how his kids focus better as a result of Transcendental Meditation
    (4 min)

  • Winnebago student improves life with TM

    “When I learned TM things seemed to get brighter for me....It really worked, it surprised me, it slowly, gradually kept going and making me feel better about myself.”
    (2 min)

  • San Francisco School Principal

    Everett Middle School Principal, Richard Curci, talks about how the programme started at his school, and the positive changes he has seen since the introduction of Quiet Time
    (7 min)

Experts Speak About Quiet Time

  • Public school administrators praise TM

    25 years experience in the education system, one of Jan Link's roles is to anaylse school programmes. "We found growth in grades...I was absolutely impressed"
    (5 min)

  • The stress epidemic amongst students

    “A stressed child cannot learn….what we know about Transcendental Meditation is that it reduces stress. Not just because we can see it but because we can measure it."
    (3 min)

  • Dr Deans: what is missing in modern education?

    Highlights from Dr Deans seminar on what is missing in modern education and the importance of introducing another state of consciousness into the classroom
    (11 min)

  • Teenagers cope with stress using TM

    Dr William Stixrud, Neuropsychologist from Washington D.C, describes how Transcendental Meditation helps children and teens cope with stress
    (3 min)

Other / Interest

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